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This page provides resources regarding the local music scene, being discovered and growing as an artist.

Local Website

National website

This website helps connect artists and venues in the Okanagan. It's kept current, and is the most popular local platform for artists to be discovered.

This is the most current and popular Facebook group for local musicians to connect with other local musicians. Although this group has less members than other Facebook groups for local musicians, it's the "go to" group for the local artists who are generally more in the loop.

This website connects wedding planners with a variety of services, including musicians. Artists can create a profile on this website to be discovered by people looking for live musicians for their weddings. It's basically like the Airbnb of wedding services.

LMS entertainment provides artists with management and booking agent services. 

This website is like the Facebook for artists, but not as popular. Most of the artist profiles are out of date, however, if you are looking to connect, it may be helpful.

Facebook Group

This is a popular Facebook group for bands and artists to announce upcoming shows.

Blue Gator, downtown Kelowna, upbeat music

Karman Craft

Whisky Jacks (West Kelowna)


Dunn Enzies Pizza

97 street pub


Barn Own Brewing

Slackwater Brewery (Penticton)

Marten Brewing Bar and Grill

The Placery Lounge

Layer Cake Mountain

Urban Distilleries and Winery

Soma Craft Cidery

Unleashed Brewing (open mic)

Micro Bar+Bites

Memphis Blues

Shakers Cocktail Lounge

Copper Brewing

Grizzly Winery

The Vibrant Vine

The Placery (Hyatt Hotel)

Hotel Eldorado

Local Losers (Vernon)

An Evening in the Valley (Summerland)

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