What makes our studio great??

Great environment

Our studio is set up for high quality audio and video with fast and efficient workflow. Full band recording with personal headphone monitor mixes is literally plug and play. With the black curtain background, advanced lighting, and high quality DSLR cameras, professional photos and videos are done on the fly. Because of this efficiency, you save both time and money, and get a great quality recording.
Plus, when you do your project with us, you get your project done professionally with high quality gear, engineered room acoustics, and a sound engineer who is passionate and skilled.
Great Microphones
We have high quality microphones of all varieties for any instrument in the studio or on location. We use microphones by iSK, Neumann, Shure, Advanced Audio, and Electrovoice. This is not a stock photo, we really do have all these, and it is less than half of our collection.
Great Room Treatment
This is one of the most important factors, which many studios overlook. As soon as you walk into our studio, you can easily notice the effectiveness of the acoustic control. We use Owens Corning 705 and 703 panels. It is no secret that this is the best of the best acoustic treatment material available, and is used in all of the worlds top studios and theatres. Since these panels are very expensive and difficult to get, most studio's just use a few of them on the walls, which looks nice, but isn't very effective for controlling the acoustics. We have over 75% coverage on the walls, and the ceiling is 100% acoustically treated. It gets loud in here, without actually getting loud.
Great Gear
Good recording equipment gear has become much more affordable over the last decade, which has enabled many studio's and home recording artists to get results that are "good enough".  But what separates the "good enough" studios from the ones that get truly professional sounding results, is the quality of gear used throughout the entire audio signal chain.  High quality stereo and home theatres are also becoming more common, and people can really hear the difference between something that sounds like it was recorded in a bedroom, and something that was recorded in a proper studio with high quality gear. We use Metric Halo conversion, and preamps such as UAD 4-710d, Great River, and D.W. Fearn VT-2, which is indisputably among the "cost no object" best sounding preamps in the world. We also use both analog and digital processing to get the best of both worlds
Great Music
We Know that in order for our artists to perform their best, they need to be comfortable, feel natural, and be able to hear themselves and the rest of the band clearly. At PureSound Recording, we provide each artist with their own mixer, so they can freely control the volume of themselves, as well as other parts of the band in their headphone mix. No more relying on asking the engineer to make adjustments for you, which leads to compromising if your monitor mix is not ideal throughout each song. We have 5 stations set up for each artist to have complete control of their zero latency headphone mix.
Great Mixing and Mastering
This is an area we specialize in. With our superb room acoustics, APS Aeon 2 monitors, and blending the best of both worlds, analog and digital signal processing. We can precisely hear what needs to be adjusted, and we have the tools and skills to do it professionally. On your first song with us, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the outcome, or know of someone else who can do it better, we'll give you your money back.  So give us a try, there's zero risk, and you'll hear your music like never before.
Contact us to find out how we can make your songs sound amazing!