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We'll bring your musical ideas to life.

Easy going environment

Our job is not just to capture your sound, it's to help you get your best performance, and make your music sound as good as possible. We strive to make the recording experience as comfortable as possible, while still being highly productive. When you are recording with us, you have your own mixer at your side, where you can adjust your volume levels of yourself, the backing track, or other members of your band. Our mixers are 100% analog, which means absolutely zero latency in your monitor mix, which is something that is extremely rare to see in a recording studio, because it is more expensive to implement than the traditional digital monitoring system. This all analog system provides the most natural experience possible to hear yourself in your headphones. Something that is common in other studios, but very rare in our studio, is for artists to remove one headphone from their ear in order to hear themselves better.  And we don't just have 1 of these mixers, we have 6 of them spread throughout the studio, to accommodate recording a 6 person band live off the floor. No need to ask the engineer to make adjustments for you, which invariably leads to compromises because you don't want to keep asking for micro adjustments, you have your own control at your fingertips. Plus we have 3 individually customizable headphone outputs from the computer, so really, we can record up to a 9 person band live off the floor. Our recording rig is capable of capturing over 60 channels of high quality audio simultaneously at 96 khz sample rate, no problem. Very few studios in Canada have this level of capability.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
We specialize in creating your song from start to finish. From concept, to arranging, recording, producing, mixing and masterin. We can help with songwriting, electronic music production, drum beat creation, and session players. Our session players are of the utmost professional quality, most have had full careers as professional players, including 4 time Juno Award winner Julie Masie.  We'll bring your song to life effeciently and cost effetely, and provide you with a finished master that's radio ready.
Our Gear
At the core of our studio are 2 recording interfaces, daisy chained together, A Metric Halo ULN-8 and a LIO-8, which are regarded as being among the best sounding recording interfaces available. Linked up to these are a Universal Audio 4-710D, providing 8 channels of audio inputs, 2 Focusrite Clarrett's, providing 8 channels of audio inputs and outputs each, a SSL Alphalink Madi, which provides 24 channels of audio inputs and outputs, and a Apogee DA-16x which provides 16 channels of audio outputs. There is no loss of channel count even at sample rates of 96 kHz. We use a Cranborne Audio Camden EC-2 preamp for our primary recording. It's quite possible the lowest noise floor preamp on the market, with a noise floor so low it's near the theoretical limit. 

There's no point having all the best gear if you can't hear the fine details. Our primary set of studio monitor speakers are the APS Aeon II's. Developed by Germano Acoustics, they offer 325 watts RMS each of ultra clean power to a 3/4" tweeter and a 7" woofer. These speakers are extremely precise and detailed. And then we have our home made speaker system mounted into the wall. Each speaker has a tweeter, 4x 3" mid range woofer's, and 6x 7" bass woofers in their own sealed enclosure. That's 22 speakers in total, with plenty of clean power to drive them coming from an Ashley Pema 8125 amplifier. This speaker system is the rare combination of being both very loud, and very high fidelity, and it's absolutely insane. You haven't heard your music, until you've heard it from these speakers.

The studio is acoustically engineered for audio accuracy.  As soon as your enter, you can tell there's no echo's. Seriously, there aren't any. The microphone picks up exactly what comes out of the source, and our ears hear exactly what comes out of the speakers. Nothing gets muddled up. There are no compromises anywhere in the entire system. 
A Team of Professionals to help you with Distribution, Marketing, and Social Media Growth
We've partnered with LMS Entertainment to provide you with all the services that artists normally only get when they are signed to a record label.  Traditionally, record labels would scout the musicians, the label would pay all the costs, and the label would take the bulk of the profits. We offer a different approach. With us, the artist can simply buy their way in. For a fee, the label will represent you, and help you with all aspects of promoting your music. And you get to keep ownership of your music, and keep the bulk of the profits earned from it. We work with a team of professionals where there is no "jack of all trades" but rather a different person who specializes in each area, such as social media growth, electronic press kits, uploading you music to all platforms, copywriting, registering your music, tracking radio play, photography, videography, graphic design, cover artwork, performing at shows and venues, and selling tickets. We are very well connected within the music industry, and if we feel your music deserves it, your songs will get pitched to the right people. LMS Entertainment currently has several artists getting national radio play, and one artist with a Juno entry. 
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