Studio recording

A proper recording aiming to get the best sound possible. The audio will be recorded one track at a time, and we will do edits, punch ins, click track, pitch correction... whatever it takes to make the song sound great.

Flat Rate:

$75 per part. 

eg- If you sing and play guitar, the cost is $150, because that's 2 parts.


- Mixing and mastering

- Pro quality photos of the session

- Studio Performance Video


Bring your own backing track and record yourself rapping on top of it. Only $150! 

This includes multiple takes and choosing the best, also includes extra takes for doubles, ad libs, harmonies, and emphasis'. 

Also includes pro photography of the session, and a studio performance video. 

Music Production

This is where we produce the song from scratch using various recording and electronic production techniques. We take our time recording each individual part, to get the very best performance, and hone in on the sound quality. We will do multi track layering of as many parts as the song requires, and use software to create parts such as drum beats, string layers, electronic instruments, and rhythmic effects.   

 Contact us for a quote.
Mobile Recording

Orchestra's, choirs, bands, live shows. We have the right equipment to capture the most authentic sound possible.

$50 set up/tear down fee, plus $50/hour

Mixing and mastering is included at no extra charge.

Hourly rate is not charged for setup and teardown time of our equipment.

Music Videos

Studio Performance Video

Bring your own backing track, and we'll shoot a beautiful performance video in the studio. Studio Performance Videos will have "PureSound Recording" graphics at the beginning of the video. Average studio time: 1 hour per song.

Flat rate: $150 

Full Production Music Video

Professionally produced music video catered to your needs and budget.

Contact us for a quote.

Studio Hourly/Daily Rate

Our Studio is very flexible, and well set up for a quick and efficient workflow of any recording application.  If you choose to do a project by the hour, we will also charge the hourly rate for any editing, mixing, mastering that is needed.

Hourly rate: $50/hour. 

Includes audio engineer, and full use of studio

Mixing and Mastering services

The mixing makes a HUGE difference in the outcome of a song. We've been known to take songs to a sonic level beyond what the client's thought was ever possible, and have been called a "wizard" on more than one occasion. Send us the tracks to your song, and you just might be pleasantly surprised. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back! That's right, if you want a got it! So give us a try with 1 song, it's completely risk free, and hear your music at it's full potential.

Flat rate- $350/song

Our mixing services include mastering at no additional charge

Satisfaction guarantee refund is limited to one song per customer.

Our mixing services include mastering at no additional charge

Satisfaction guarantee refund is limited to one song per customer.

Mastering Only- Flat rate $50/song
Example 1

Mixed by someone else

Mixed by PureSound

Example 2

Mixed by someone else

Mixed by PureSound